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r.l.e x Sara Chyan Jewellery

r.l.e's SS23 波 bō series illustrates how the world is made up of "waves" and guide you through an exploration of the vibration frequencies between human emotions and connections in a spiritual realm. In keeping with Qixin's design tenet, "Everyone's inner heart has a flower growing inside," she combined water forms, vibration waves, and inner heart flowers to reflect a person's discovery of their inner world." They feel the true bloom when the feel the "waves," she said.

As a jewellery collaboration collection with Sara Chyan, whom passion to experiment with diverse materials to produce one-of-a-kind pieces. Sara collaborates closely with Qixin and attempts to incorporate the floral theme in a multi-layered approach.

Material: Silver Plated Brass

Made-to-order: Lead time 2-3 weeks

r.l.e x Sara Chyan - Flowing Flower Ear Cuffs

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